Seemingly Very Common Bug post last update

I had this bug once in the previous 2 and a half months but several times a day now and it comes up a lot in global chat. The bug is where post warp:

  1. Your ship (SV generally, not had it with CV) may have disappeared requiring relog
  2. on relog the ship is occupied
  3. on typing tilde then detach you are back in the cockpit but cannot move the ship
  4. Replacing cockpit or (in my case) using the secnd cockpit “unlocks” movement of the ship.

Have you reported in the official forum as well?

when the game starts misbehaving it needs a complete restart. the longer the game is running, the more it starts to misbehave. relog doesn’t cut it anymore. seems to be a lot more frequent now. i noticed the issues increase the more playfield transitions that occur. this must be another of those game optimization features intended to help players take a break from the game…