Selling my Alien Containers, I think

Goal - get to OCD lvl 7 before season end. I am at lvl 5
Needs - 770m and 1850 rep
Reason for selling - I have been a master of losing HP, 233 deaths in about 14 days on server. 1 pvp death.
Research - reread the midgame write up and trying to implement that. Searching and reading as much as I can as to not sound ignorant.

As you can see, I never have RP and I have been saving all my containers after learnign they give rep.

A few questions are to follow :

  1. How much do each color containers give for RP ? I Do not see a use for them at this point beyond that for me so i can sell whatever i have left?
  2. Do you feel it is posssible for a new guy who has never used the market to make 770m before season end. I currently juist under 200k, dont judge! I also found a gold asteroid i can farm safely and do not mind selling all my ores and everything to make this happen.
  3. I am working on doing more missions from the PDA and HWS HQ. In HWS HQ , It says You just played this mission. I have never done a mission there. What is my issue?

Overall, Im committed to learning the market and selling. I have not found any traders to straight sell epic guns too. This is a minimal way to make money but it would be a start.

As always, thank you all for the information. I do try to research before asking

@Maszaan For RP-look for star fragments. For money-perform T. E. A. M. and dig gold on GG (subject to certain conditions-50 million digs per hour).

Star Fragments- I can look for those but unsure the RP will be used. I need to figure out how much RP the containers give and sell of the rest. At this point, I am unsure I can utilize having RP.
I just registered for TEAM (as I type this) and was coming back to edit this to say this may be why I couldnt start missions.
Gold on GG - Hahaha you gave me a laugh. I would believe that would be a waste of time but I will build a Throwaway ship and go see. Never been there but expect almost certain death upon hitting a node/meteor

would be pretty rough to make that much in credits before the end of the season. especially if ur new. seems an unrealistic goal that will end up in frustrations and misery.

leftover RP can be converted to HWS ingots to be used on the supporter page or they will automatically exchange for 7000cr each on the next season. i honestly suggest getting as far as possible but dont get too many hopes up for seeing ocd 7 within the next few weeks. fast forwarding to the end make u miss the journey :wink:

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Hey Bob, that is the info I needed. I looked into TEAM before but thought it was based around something completly different than what it is. I have started the TEAM Contracts today.

I realized I was being super dumb with the other missions. I accidently flew into the portal and went inside . I do not know why i thought we had to use the teleporter . newb.

TEAMS is its own special level of hell burning with hurtful rewards. like anything it can be profitable when used properly but also takes time to be efficient. there are plenty of get rich slow schemes to learn though. NPC traders is a boringly profitable way to make a serious credits through the season. with possibly less than a month left u should be stocking up that OCD wirh goodies to prep for next season.

Yeah , Stocking up the OCD with ore and such is a goal. Having found Phoenix late last nite, I need to explore there and see if the drones (assume they are the red things) can be shot or how close i can get with my new miner.

You can get billions of credits fairly easily if you know what to look for. The market is pretty low right now due to the population of the server currently. You could mine gold for the rest of your life, but that’s just dull. DM me on discord and I can talk to you about some alternative money making tricks that are faster much less boring.

If I were you, collect all the Star Fragments on both NA and EU, that will get you 14,000 RP then and there (get the locations from the SYN discord). Get OCD 6 which should be easy, just 70m and you’ll already have the RP. Fill it full of everything you need to have a quick start next season, and fill it further of things you can sell to people who do not have such a quick start. Keep in mind you can only transfer over so many credits to the next season depending on your bank level so the idea is to have the least amount of liquidity as possible with your wealth.