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oam fueling is broken

My clan teamate joined my clan and then typed cb:restart to switch alliances. When he did this, he was left in my clan, but was not listed in the “b” player list as being in my clan and cant hear my messages. I’m going to try and have him leave and rejoin, but you should be aware of this bug.

Searon9 … its not a bug… he resettet complete his charakter … so he leaved automatic the Faction…

autominer, tried to fuel gold, went to iron
in start/intro space station the food I picked went bad instantly.

Can confirm Pears problem with food, but it only happened once…food is now collectable from farms that arent spoiled.

See here please: OAM issue - #3 by Jascha

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This is the second time I had my farm items spoil immediately when I picked them. It often coincides with the food in my fridge spoiling as well.

Was your base out of power?

sold an item (not ecc and EU server) with ti:sell:5:price when I had the same item on slot number 2, it took number 2. Well I had one left on slot 5, but just to let you know :slight_smile:

HWS Connect “Hide deleted structures” setting not working. It shows all structures(also deleted) in “Structure Commander” every time i restart browser(just relogin not enough).
“Hide deleted structures” is remain checked and when i press “Save” settings button almost all deleted structures hidden(1 sv still left).

HWS Connect “Structure Commander” “Powered?” column not reflect actual state. eg. i have a base powered on with surplus solar power and tons of fuel. still it shows “False”.
This maybe linked to issue when i died in other playfield then my “home” and in death screen it say “you haven’t medbay at your home”.

Hy comming back from Freelancer Trader EU, trought Teleporter. Saturn Five semms to be a bit smaler…HWS%209_2018-12-26_17-43-20|690x431

Relog did not work , will try after restart again. Again stuck at EGS…

hey budd… and WOW!!!


This still doesnt explain my food spoiling when I picked it.


That may be more an Eleon bug if the base was powered, has plenty of O2, etc…

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Well, before i was transportet to the shinked station tody i also picked 200 Vegetables into Spoiled food, And my base is Powered by Alien Core. Eleon outdid themselves with theyr “Hotfix”. This game becomes more and more “Empbugion, Galactic Annoyance”

That is an issue for some time now and I don’t know why… that even Bases can shrink is absurd. :frowning:


Display icons of Epic Assault Rifle and Epic Pulse Rifle are wrong, need to be interchanged on HWS Marketplace.

You can put a depleted item (i.e. Epic Heavy Armor) on the HWS Market and get it back at full health. They fixed that on the ingame market.

@Jascha, not sure if the message above reached someone, because I edited the name in and nothing changed so far.

Thanks for your bug report @Beastwood and for sure: every message reach us!
It’s just the juggle between writing bug tickets for Eleon, creating events for you guys, coding on HWS Connect and the PDA tool and more…

I’m responsible for the item images and will do this as soon as possible.

The Duration “trick” is known and for now not much we can do about it… the duration value we have for the API is not reliable

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I can confirm this is an eleon bug. Please double check the most recent bug thread on there before posting here.