Sentence. Required Alliance factions

Hello! I have a suggestion. Compulsory unification of of factions “Guardians”, “Trader”, “(Bounty) Hunter” and “Pirate” the alliance appropriate title. Thus, players can meet people without fear of his faction. This will help avoid embarrassment at PVP.

We already had that but it was reverted. Unless you also mean that we can never break those alliances. I would be against this. It limits our freedom even more. Just learn whom to thrust and whom not imo. Perhaps a 12-24h delay when breaking before it goes into effect so the other one doesn’t’ get isnta-backstabbed okay but not just forcing us that’s not good.

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That delay of alliance status chances is great. We absolutely need that ingame. It would make alliance creating much easier for all. Great idea!

Certain origins should make every effort to secure as many alliances as possible guardians and traders especially.
I do think that it would be made much easier if it wasn’t reliant on the person who send the alliance request or even applys to a clan must remain online till the application is accepted.
We all know that we have many players in many different timezones so I feel making it so that once a request is sent it remains there till either accepted or rejected. Makes things much easier for everyone :slight_smile:

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It is possible to leave as is pirates, merchants on the contrary forced to drive to Alliance, as is, factions are meaningless.