Server complaint

Hours after hours i been mining gold and sent its quickly to the my bank account which i was promised would be safe from wipes etc… i had an total amount of 7 million ec in my account, and i was getting bored and decided to wait for the next wipe and start over there! there was not an single word on the forums about EC getting wiped, which is just totally wrong, maybe not evryone are playing on the server until its wiped, i heard from some people who spent all the ec on the miners, because they were ingame when the admins said about it… but not advertising it on the forums is going against evrything i thought this community would stand for, so now i am broke got nothing left after 600 hours of playtime!


The EC “wipe” or reduction to a maximum of 250k was there since we introduced the EC Bank before Alpha 2.0. Nothing changed, and it was mentioned every time when someone asked and was also visible on the forum. Not sure how you are able to overlook and forget that :neutral_face:.

i have never heard of such thing… why would is store all those 7 million ec if i knew it? i would spent it on my miners…

i had sold all i had and store it in ec, and just been waiting these couple of weeks for an wipe to happen, noone told me anything, i even read the forums evryday, but nothing there aswell.¨

Why wipe it anyways? afraid of people getting? isnt that the point of having an bank and be able to store it safely to make it grow into an fortune?

and the thing is all people that knew of this stored the gold coins in ocd and got this fortune moved over after the wipe anyways so i dont get it what this wipe of ec will make for difrrence?

After 1 week of patch 3 you recognize that you missing credits?

Also if you search the forum you find the Information often enough. For example here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=168&p=684&hilit=250k#p684

Also we announced it in the game periodically before the wipe.

We cap it because of not completely outplay new players on the game. At least that was our initial thought. With OCD and the features coming in 3.0 we maybe rethink that.
Remember on other servers you get nothing and I don’t know why you are so unthankful again Thranir.

i am unthankful because you are taking away evrything i discover to be useful in pvp, yet you boost pve players to have no ocd cooldown, supply packages etc… while people in pvp get nothing. it should be the other way around, that people need to get to pvp to have no ocd cooldown.
but like allways you never listen to the pvp people.

Pirates have a Good supply packages.

It sounds for me that you want a game for you but don’t see the big picture and start to blame to us because we HAVE to see the big picture for 4000 people.

We adjusted the resources on pvp planets a lot. Gold federation is an very cool planet full of action for example.

And if I see who is where in the universe then I see PvP got a lot better in 3.0.
And as I said again. We are not ready with all of our ideas. Your suggestions coming into play soon

I know background of this all but im again to tired of trash game to explain it all as its a bit of waste of time.

But i had such and idea. As you are in close touch with devs…is it bad idea to request configurable yaml for turrets at least for dedicated servers?
By my opinion is obvious that devs do everything they can to wate rest of pvp.

Stealt Update - you cant see huge cube from more than 3km so you can find anything.
Blind Update - once 2 SVs land on planet and you are far than 200m you dont know which one is yours. Of course you dont know which base is enemy and which is friendly, besides that everyone is enemy even friends.

Last thing fa:scan is not working, we did quite extensive testing, just one example, 130km far in space i tried, enemy detected, i quickly left sector and checked HWS Connect, 0 blocks in there, only 7 cores, so no ship was in that sector. We did more tests of course.

So no wonder Thran is complaining becouse its like we can play with closed eyes and result will be same. Only way how to find someone was to use HWS connect and see which pvp playfield is populated. But that is realy desperate way, its so far from what gameplay should look like. Or of course camp points as gold planet as Rexx said.

And its obvious that until devs are planing some radar or scan or something there is no help coming.

Point is that it would be nice to have some settings avivable to change by admins of servers, turret statistics, maybe visibility range, something to have option to take it into our/your hands and do the balance by ourselves/yourselfs. Do you think there is any chance they do something like configurable file?

I dont know, maybe im just desperate as Thran but in different way, scouted half of empty universe im asking why i even bothered.

And for Thran sorry man but option to see from Earth if someone is settling on aliens weapon factory is not the way to go in any case. I know you love the raiding part so it kept you happy but it must be done different way. I also dont want to spend hours flying in boring space, i think that working command like fa:scan would be nice. It will basicly do the same, but show only part of whole universe table. I suppsoe its like its done currently its just not working from some reason, I think it doesnt recognise faction. As if ill fly in CV with SV 300km away, ill always detect enemy, my own SV.

If we want to play in populated universe its obvious that:

Search, destroy, raid must be harder than Settle down, build, defend. So there will always be something to search for and destroy.

I dont know, we should talk somewhere a bit a side about all this, i mean players and admins which are here long enough to realy know how gameplay looks like. For example for me there is one really not necessary and not working faction - Alliance. But it might be because i dont somehow understand whats real purpose of it. Anyway with no faction command and only restrictions its more than boring, Lawless again.

About the devs and their part of giving us more options over things: can’t say. We gave them already a lot of input and it needs some time till they prioritize and process it. Definitley first after Gamescom / next weekend.

So what can HWS do?
Jascha needs to code stuff here and there but is soon 3 weeks in holiday. Generally the process is everywhere a bit slow. The hard work from 3.0 is still in the bones for everyone I guess. We know you - the gamer never rest and want more and more - and it is coming. But right now it is just a bit of a pause :frowning:

But as I wrote in the 3.0 post. Our Roadmap still looks like this:

Nothing big but has to be done.
In the meantime we need to fix CSW and need to wait for the block count / device limit fix from the devs.

If kind of all feature are “complete” we try to focus more on the gameplay part everywhere. Faction bonus / faction gameplay / faction missions etc. So the global scan ability isn’t gone but more likely an upgrade of the current one (fa:scan detects only pirates Elfias).

Maybe some people realize that it is a lot of work and there are a lot of dependencies here and there.
Cause HWS isn’t just a 0815 server giving you the ability to play for free. HWS became almost to a game development server itself.

I just hope it doesnt sound i request something to be done right now :slight_smile:

When i see the incredible amount of requests for returning stuff which disappered i feel sorry for you guys. The thing is that you choosed most hard goal to satisfy all, both PvE and PvP players and thats crazy task, and its working a lot already, of course its not perfect yet as as you said its becoming development of another game.

With nonworking Alliance i meant that i tried to play and it simply cant fit in somehow. Game is full of local skirmishes, everyone is shoting everyone as soon as he can. And in it you try to be a guy whos not shoting first, thats impossible. I gave 2 guys ride and new ship. hour later ship was abandoned and guys was probabl yin singleplayer. So that helping others is realy sacrifice too, its a bit like what you do. But this is probably my problem, problem that Im not right one to do this part of alliance job. And salary…you saw our farm, 100cr is nothing, i think if there is real alliance thinking ppl they should get more so they can spend stuff, give it to newbies and cover that from salary as its usually wasted.
As always its feedback guys, description of how it worked for me, not complaining or demanding.

About the comand…its not possible its working Rexx, of course there is a small chance it is, huge coincidence that some pirate was around but in this case he had to jump away at same time as me as i checked HWS Universe and there was no blocks so no structure, no pirate.

Please dont get me wrong its not like oh you cannot even program fa:scan, Rexx i did testing and it seems its not working. I can make more test, fly 400km away and try, with my sv nearby and with only CV. For now it seems like command is detecting all cores, even asteroids and alien structures.
Again feedback, you dont have time to mess around for hours trying it.

For OCD i can tell its working :slight_smile: after i sorted all my stuff, nothing even suspicious happend, sometimes server dont do the command, i logged in, checked qeue and commands was stil in qeue. Worked after another relog. And yes im that crazy i was watching stopwatch to dont log in before 10s. :slight_smile: happend 2, max 3 times in hundrets of commands.

So why im telling this, you know you can ask me for any help, i cant help you develop crazy PvP/PvE server but can test stuff or something. Good luck and take a rest from it too :slight_smile: Server is already so popular i think that you dont have to be afraid that admins wont be online 24/7.

Oh and last thing i forgot. Thranir you should cooperate :smiley: Ther eis no better expert for raiding, you are the one who should come out with solution how to satisfy your raiding needs but also not chase ppl from PvP so its populated. I mean after long time i see someone doing something i realy like and i want these guys to succed in it very much. We shouldnt just consume fun we should try to help to offer soem ideas. Well more than enough moralism for one post :smiley: