Server Corruption issues (US)


So apparently there are severe server corruption issues on Uranus and Mars on the US Server. People have been losing changes to made to their ships made on the planet, as well as parts of entire SVs/CVs despawning. Some changes are not registering on a coordinate (180 degree to 90 degree going clockwise) level, and some ships are losing entire sections (or losing all hull blocks). There have been 2 reports today, as well as 1 past report on Mars, this really needs to be corrected.

I can attest to Fenra’s reports.

We had the following issues happen when leaving Uranus and entering Uranus Orbit:

  1. All ores/components that were processing disappeared
  2. There was a rollback of items, effectively duplicating some items we had (nothing valuable, but dangerous if reproducible)
  3. 1 SV was reduced to nothing but the starter blocks you get when deploying an SV block in creative (1 core and 8 blue and white blocks around it)
  4. Another SV completely disappeared

Note, these things were spawned/in the constructor for a few hours on Uranus.

My guess is this has to do with the large number of player made structures on Uranus. Given that there’s no wipe on Uranus and it’s PvE, I can imagine memory usage for that instance, as well as disk IO for persistence can become a problem.

Do we have any update on this issue? Do you want me to being the guinea pig for testing Uranus?

Thanks for the report guys.

Let me clear this situation a bit:
On both servers we had a full wipe with the 1.6 patch ~3 weeks ago. In that patch they implement a “not functional” new feature that you can influence the drop rate of meteorites. Anyways it is currently not working but they started to work on it in the background.
So as always I prepared every planet and thought long about the deposits amount and ressource types on every planet. But as soon as the planets got populated we saw that the settings I made were not active. Suddenly random ressource deposits appeared. That is the reason why on Venus only sathium were. Or only Eres and Zas on Uranus. Very weird.
So to fix this it would mean we have to wipe those planets. We do not plan to make a full wipe with patch 1.7 but the more we see problems the more it is more likely to happen. But we will definitley make an announcement on that just in time.

Additionally yesterday shit hits the fan again because people just had the great idea to spawn 1.7 blueprints on our 1.6.2 server. The playfield instant crashes and causes a lot of problems for everyone. So yeah… as always the devs can write as much as they won’t to not do it, we can write as much we want - people do not read and just do their thing.

tl;dr: We really need Patch 1.7 as soon as possible.