Server crash / no name player

around 03:20 cest? / 9:20 EST someone joined the server without a name(or special characters that dont show up) and the NA server crashed
they are in a faction named [V]
I know this used to be an exploit that caused server crashes so maybe that is case here.

Thanks for mentioning it.
How did the Server Crash? Which Playfield?

It was:

For now he is banned. If he wants to play he can respond here.

I was in voice chat with a other players who were in multiple playfields(black hole, homeworld space, tcb faction[me]) and we all got kicked from server at the same time.
Perhaps it was not a server crash and just everyone who was online got kicked off? but I do recall this happening in the past from “no name” players joining and figured to report it in case.

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