Server Disconnect when changing playfield

I also posted about this problem at empyriononline forums as I didn’t think it was a server problem and they redirected me back here suggesting that the problem could be with the heartbeat timeout. I’ll go ahead and post the circumstances;

I’m having massive difficulty actually traversing between playfields,
most notably entering or exiting a planets atmosphere. I’m sent back to
the main screen with no error or disconnect notice and the console
doesn’t show any problems. The problem doesn’t occur anymore while
piloting a SV back and forth, after a clean install but still happens
while piloting a CV or being a passenger.

I’m the only person experiencing this and didn’t have the problem before 5.1. Any insight or
solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Can you send us the logs please
Can you alos please test the following: Do it in 3rd person view and do it in First Person view.
Does it make a difference?

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