Server down after restart?

Been down for a while after a server restart.

Thought it was just me as i had dramas with Origin also…:cry:

Same for me. EU server doesn’t appear for me in the list.

Hi there,

HWS EU seems to be offline since 21.09.16 : 01.00.

Why, what happened ? Why is there no official statement?
When will it be online again? Is it because of the recent changes made to server rules 19.09.16?

Any infos at all would be good , i am just wondering why nobody has responded yet.



Bad news… And I am currently in HW Campaign system - so the wipe will erase my stuff, oh my… really bad news

Sorry guys. Silly me of thinking this game is stable and able enough to start.
Nope. Even this process needs a babysitter. After a very long work day, stressed out I thought I could go to bed early.
So many fails on so many levels.

Server is running again

Thanks Rex.

Rex, first of all, its not your fault. Things like this can happen and in this case it was just bad timing. And we all had some time to do other stuff. Cuddeling kittens, making the dishes, taking a look in other games… We know that you work hard for the server and sometimes Reallife strikes.