Server not allowing sign in

For the last half hour not long after 4.3.1 came out and I lost connection with the server and now in the list of servers HWS EU has 57/177 users connected and will not allow me to reconnect. Just sits on the cancel button screen once I try to login.

Anyone else having this?

I’m the same, wanted to warp away from the starter planets to escape the wipe and i’m not able to log in. My problem now is, i have to get some sleep now and can only try once again in 5 hours, after that, if i can’t log in, all my hard work of the last week will be gone :confused:

Same vote as well. NA works fine.

i got the same prob can not connect with the server i am in the deep space too …ship stuff…feels bad man XD

you’re lucky to be in deep space ahah if i don’t move my stuff in time i’ll loose pretty much everything

jeahr but my ship is there and everybody can take what ever he wanna take XD like over one hour thats sad. But your position is really bad too dont know why i can not connect…can not sleep tonight XD

thing is, is anyone actually connected, it still says 57 / 177 on my screen, almost none of the servers I have used show a change in the users online.

I’ve reloaded steam and the game multiple times so its server end, maybe no one is even playing or a very few sleep heads, lol.

jeahr i got the same . Seems like the server is not actually …dont know,

Likewise… me and a small group of friends. None of us able to connect to EU.

I think it has something to do with EAC… a few on Discord were showing alot of disconnect issue’s w/ EAC ?

Really hoping in a delay in changing the PVE world now…can’t say how long i’m gonna stay awake

yea im trying to get back in to move our stuff out of the system myself…

Remember exiting the game clears the cache I had the same problem once I disconnected. Once I exited the game and brought it up I could get in but now the NA server restarts in a few min so hopefully it will help u. But while its restarting go ahead exit ur game restart if u want and bring it back up fresh. Have fun.

How much time is left before the the new shift?

You have around 7 hours its currently 7:10pm central standard time. The restart counter usually starts around 2:00-2:01 am my time. Let peeps know if u need help off the newbie planets.

It’s 2:18 am where i am now. i’m worried about the pve rotation since i’m very exposed.

@dexterx remember going out like 50kish or so is usually pretty safe just don’t stay on the same plane as the planets or the ones willing to look around will.

And I was in the alien sector and the game says disconnected I’m restarting my game but, its probably a telnet flood of some kind. Been a few firefights since restart someone d/ced midfight I’d hate to think it was that tho.

I can’t seem to log back into the alien sector on NA server atm. Gonna restart computer in the meantime.

i usually go deep in space but on PVE system i feel safe, didn’t expect to not being able to connect few hours before the change

Hello if an admin is still on and sees this I’m still unable to log into the orbit over the alien planets could I get some help please heres all my logs since the patch came out hope they help!

Client_161110-224057-90.log (44.5 KB)

Client_161111-005845-81.log (24.6 KB)

Client_161111-012040-36.log (8.5 KB)

Client_161111-012500-48.log (8.0 KB)

Client_161111-013145-51.log (9.0 KB)