Server not saving properly

The server’s not saving properly atm, here are a few examples of what’s going on:
load CV in atmo with 3 cargoboxfuls of pentaxit, 1 large ammoboxful of CV plasma charges, and place a food processor.
fly CV into orbit, get a number of internal errors, all the stuff i put in is gone, and the food processor is unacessable, but still there, even after relogging.

other people are having similar problems, like CV changing to it’s older state once flying it out of planet into orbit, like cons changing to cargoboxes.

seems the server’s not saving properly rex

Hey jin,

I was again a bit optimistic yesterday and set the player count to 70 - live the dream :wink:
On which playfield did this non-saving stuff happened?
As soon as I am back from work I will look into it.

Our server tests will continue meanwhile.

I was on uranus when that happened,

and the other guys were on other planets on the milkyway galxaxy, not sure where exactly

Yeah you are not alone.
We can restore your stuff that is not the problem. But to find the source of the problem is hard. Mainly due alpha bugs and full server.
We are investigating into it.