Server says there are 2 of me

Hello. I was playing just fine but then i died and decided to restart. Since then I can not use any of the CB commands and my pod only has the tools and the crafting station and 2 bio fuel. What can i do the solve the problem and to prevent it from happening again? It might help to know that i have 3 crafting station in the world from starting over. Thank you and happy holidays.

Judging from the error message, Steam name might be at fault. In that case, someone with the same steam name may have started playing on the server and in that case chatbot commands stop working for both of you. Changing your steam name and restarting the game should help if this is the case.

Unfortunately im not willing to change my steam name. Thank you anyway.

It might help to know that when i first started playing I had no issues with the CB commands. It was only after cb:restart that problems started.

Try again now please. Should work again

Thank you very much!

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