Server update and important changes

Thank you guys for all of your feedback! :slight_smile:

After a lot of server testings with different specs we move to a new one which should be the best as long as the devs figure out the big CPU / Playfield / Player issue.

With this change we also adjusted some things to help the server to run smooth:
[li] Server restart + backup every 3 hours to gain more smoothness, less bugs / glitches[/li]
[li] New start planet M7G-677 (PvE)[/li]
[li] New wipe times! Please type cb:wipe in game[/li]
[li] Also we added more items to our EB (Elemental Bank). See here the list: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=40[/li][/ul]

In the coming weeks we will update our Tool regarding the story and the EC system. It will be like a real economy with trading stuff with each other and taking influence into the trading rate. Also the Reputation Points for Bounty Hunter and Traders will come into play.
Stay tuned for the next big update :slight_smile:

Let me know any feedback you have and thanks again for playing on HWS.

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