Server update requested to 3.1

There was a small update with bug fixes released today.
Alpha 3.1. … ents.7108/

I request that you please update the server as soon as possible.
As my game has already updated I am unable to play until update is done due to different versions.

something went wrong with character data after the update to 3.1?

food + oxygen + stamina + jetpack is unlimited now, but i receive falling damage and cant access creative menu.
not able to use medic station and medkits just display the cross, which doesnt fade away anymore.
switching through 1-9 is broken too and cant use any item.
accessing ships over control panel or activating power not working.

deleted cache, saves and checked integrity of files. connected to another server and everything was normal.

structure commander says 4x deleted = true also now. 1 ba 1 cv 2 sv

Everything was fine for me earlier, then I logged out for a while to do something else.
When I came back I had the same problems.

i think the new builds did fix or cause problems when ppl said it changed from alone while having a break. i did not play for 30 mins and suddenly everything was fixed.
the devs do a real good job, they even work hard at weekend. must be a real passion.

Did the same thing, took a break and played another game.
After a while I checked back and everything was working fine.

And I certainly will not complain about the dedication of the devs, they do indeed do a great job with the game.
I’m always looking forward to every major update to see what new stuff they added.