Server Update

Is the server going to update? I logged to grab some food and went to log in to an update. Now the the pvp swap is coming and I can’t log in. Hopefully it gets updated over the next 2 hours. Gonna be mad as all get out if I get wiped because of a delayed update.

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Well man I’m sorta in the same boat I won’t be wiped out but i’ll be stranded for a few min. Are you NA or EU and what planet. I might be lawless but if the update hits after the rotation swap and its on Jagal NA I could attempt to fight off anyone who tries to take it. I have a battle cv I’ve been wanting to test anyway and sitting ducks won’t do.

I’m in the same situation too, but am on Earth and haven’t yet moved any of my stuff off-planet, so I’ll lose everything in the wipe.

Someone said in discord the servers are restarting for the update our prayers have been answered it seems. Thank you very much!

Update done