Ship Changed to HWS while I was repairing it

I was repairing a newly acquired ship when it was taken and changed to HWS. I had been concentrating too hard on the repairs that I failed to notice any warnings until I was locked in. I had to suicide in order to get out of the ship and lost my backpack as well. A lot of my resources are in the ship and I am asking the Admins if they could give it back to me so that I can solve the problem that caused it to be taken. The ship is called the FTL Shield and it is on Pandora on the EU server - ID 39437087. Please help me as this was a genuine mistake and I have lost a lot of resources on it.

I guess someone already put it back to your faction?

Hi Jascha - no not yet i just flew by it. He’s my neighbour.

Just to confirm ship name is “FTL Shield”

The problem is as soon as someone of yor faction gets online the warnings start again. So just let us know when you are online and then we set it to your faction agian.
i’ll try to ask Aeonbug if he can do it now…

Thanks Jascha - all sorted now and class size reduced. Think he was more concerned for the cargo than the ship with over 10 mill in gold on there!