Ship Deleted

My CV (ID: 9448670) was deleted. Last night I parked and logged out in the Alliance Homeworld orbit. I am certain that the ship didn’t blown up because I was in a very secure location with many many other ships which are still there, also the SV I had docked to it is floating on top of where the ship used to be.

  1. Alliance World is PvP. Who knows what can happen there…

  2. without rule 4.7 we can’t do anything

Wouldn’t the logs be on server side? In my log folder there are no log files for today or yesterday…Only for the 21st. I logged out last night and when I came in this morning it was gone…Since it happened while I am offline would it still make logs?

If you had no crash or something then we are exactly as blind as you.
We have logs but there aren’t logs that saying why the ship is gone.

Only that the name is Capital Vessel what is not good and it was deleted today at 15:43.
But no reason.

We can send the logs to the devs for now.
But seems like a bug for now. Can’t do much about it, sorry

check intruder log, if someone didnt stole it :wink:

[quote=“WetWak, post:5, topic:2301”]
check intruder log, if someone didnt stole it :wink:
[/quote]Nah ships are disappearing again lately. They just vanish into thin air… Happened to me while I stood on top of one…