Ship disapeared after removing last bock of my starter base

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Sv dispeared after removing last bock of base
Player(s) with issue: Drack01
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): around 6:45 est
Playfield: freelance cryo
Structure Name(s): small SV
Structure ID(s): 561340
How can we help you now: recover my ship if u can

Had almost the same issue, but it was an HV that disappeared. I feel you, bro’.

after all the stuff yesterday i just wanted to get off this darn newbworld
i used my Fa and have already had to restart once already i really dont want to do it again

Let’s hope the admins get to you soon :slight_smile:

idk if i should log out or stay on

Me neither :smile:

Hello @xxdrack01xx

sorry for the delay.

You have less luck than @Sigrblot

We run our backups every hour and you created + “deleted” your ship within this cycle. So the backup couldn’t catch this life cycle in time.

The only ship we have from you is the other SV. Is this a similar value or should I reset your fa:supply package?

if theres anyway to restore that ship and the base that would be back just before i broke down the base

133133 was the base id

Ok thanks. Restored that Base and the other SV.

thanks rex im loging bk in and see im hopeing it good

i wish i new more what made this happen so i can avoid this again guess i just wont remove a base with a ship on it again

i lost most of my ore and some sv parts but i try to rebuild that you for your time rex

This very old bug is simple:
If you have ships docked to your Base and you remove the core of the Base, all docked ships are wiped too.
(same if you docked stuff on CV and remove the CV core)

Alright, have fun!

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