Ship disappeared after disconnect

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Got disconnected while flying in Black Hole, logged back in to find myself in the middle of nowhere with my ship just having disappeared, not even in registry anymore. Listed on structure commander as still being in Peacekeeper West and not deleted
Player(s) with issue: SirKnumskull
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 18:20
Playfield: Black Hole warping to Zirax HQ
Structure Name(s): Stagger
Structure ID(s): 16219845
How can we help you now: Restore my ship and bring it back to me or vice versa

I warped you there. Sorry for the bug.
But it was decored… SO you might want to check it

After reading Stunners ticket I contacted him, so apparently we met and he started firing, I briefly saw a ship at BH warp in and backed away. After I was far away from the center of the sector (and having lost sight of the ship for several minutes) I tried to warp out but stayed on BH.

From his perspective he was following me and followed when I warped, where I was a sitting duck (obviously when I’m still in BH with my ship).

When he destroyed my ship I guess I got disconnected while still being in BH with the ship disappearing for him because the server saw it in different places. The Empyrion warp bug, directors cut I guess.

Yeah, I was ported to the ship that is now in a destroyed state. All damage was sustained from the rear because I wasn’t in there. Am I supposed to lose my ship to a bug?

I’m fine with losing in a fight but not with a losing a fight I wasn’t even there to fight because the server put me and and my ship in two different locations.