Ship disappeared in HW asteroid belt of NA server

My ship disappeared in the HW asteroid belt oh NA server. Ship ID 16383527. was there 5 min later it was gone, off the registry. Any clue as to what happened to it?


I think that is the wrong ID. That ID is gone since 10 days and warped to EU.

Could you give me more details.

  • What Playfield (there is no Asteorid Belt Playfield). Do you mean Black Hole (but you were not in black hole)?
  • Name and right ID of the Ship
  • Time when it happend. Or at least tell me from where to where you jumped before so that I can see it clearly.

Every mention of my ship in structure list it has a different ID number, does the ID # change every time you cross warp to a different server? The name of the ship was Jakob, i landed it on a rock in the ring of rocks around the NA server Home World yesterday 1300 est. I CSW from EU to NA, then warped from CSW to home world.


Well it was captured by a different faction.

Thank You for researching it Jascha, Im surprised since it happened so fast.

Yeah I was also surprised to see no Combat logs. But all looks legit so far.

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