Ship Disappeared in new playfield

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What happened:
=> Logged off in one of the playfields in expanded universe in CV. Logged in and CV had disappeared. CV is still on structure commander and moves when I use cb:getshiphere. Cannot see ship after moving either and cannot access cargo with F4

Player(s) with issue:
=> FionnMaccumhail

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 12:24

=> Yuttyni Upsilon

Structure Name(s):
=> Mantis Xeno Prototype

Structure ID(s):
=> 1193509

How can we help you now:
=> Not sure, is there a way to get the ship visible and accessible again? Could you perhaps warp the ship and myself somewhere. I’ll stay AFK but in game for the next 30 minutes or so

Let me check quick

Thanks Jascha

Yuttyni Upsilon seems to be done and ready for a wipe. Its empty otherwise @RexXxuS

I warepd you and your CV/SV (or rather I restored them) to your base

Cool, that worked, Is this an Eleon bug I should report on their forums or is already known ?

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We don’t know yet.
Its definitely a game bug, but either its fixed with the coming hot fix or e will send the logs to the devs soon (we are already talking about the issues). So no need for an extra report.
But thank you.

Hmm now gtting warnings for excessive SVs and CVs

Ahh ships are duplicted on structure commander. I’ll log off before they get taken

yeah. they will still show up in the broken playfield. but dont worry. we wipe them soon.
I gave you a fresh copy of them

Lovely thanks Jascha, I wont log back in for a while just in case

Incidentally apparently the same has happened to the Cv of Master Baiter. He is posting in discord about it but cannot sign up to the HWs website to create a ticket.

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