Ship disappeared on initiating warp and then disconnected

I was initiating warp from ulonam pvp planet to pirate homeworld pve planet. once i hit “k” for warp i was disconnected from server. i reconnected to be ejected from my ship and my ship completely gone. not in space on planet or anything. i figured it might if warped without me however had no rescources to craft a new ship warp capable. everything i accumlated in this game was aboard that ship. also it no longer shows up in my registry. one more thing i had to slowboat it back to the planet and die when entering atmosphere -_- lol. please help.


no problem but please look up this page next time:

Hm wait, you tried to warp while flying on a planet? You wasn’t even in the orbit during pressing “K” ?
Because our logs also say that your ship never left Ulonam.

Last but not least a friendly but important reminder:

  1. name your structures! Structures without a name given can’t be supported! We have millions of these default names. See also Rule 4.6.
  2. And don’t fly with this ship around… just a tip
  3. Fly to Haname Orbit - -401 -112 -3741