Ship disappeared while rebuilding

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What happened:
=> While working on my SV with an aliencore the ship disappeared from the playing field. I was taking the ship apart to redesign it, It disappeared while the core was attached to three blocks within 30 seconds. It still is showing on the web page under structure commander

Player(s) with issue:
=> Karik

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 5:50ish

=> Triton Space

Structure Name(s):
=> Falcon

Structure ID(s):
=> 7126195

How can we help you now:
=> Replace ship, or alien core

Welcome to HWS @KarikVerlee

regarding the logs you removed the Core yesterday.
After 6 hours the server automatically removes such structures (no core or less than 10 blocks)

To not trigger it again somehow I gave you just the Alien Core for now.

Thank you

Where would I find it at now?

You mean the Alien Core?

hm strange, I had put it in your toolbelt slot 2.
Guess you rearranged items or so.

I retriggered it now.
It’s in your 6th toolbelt slot.

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Thank you so much. My faction and I are loving this server. You can probably see all of the hours we’ve put in.

Thank you for hosting


Thanks a lot mate! Really glad you guys like it and yes, in few weeks (1st march) we will celebrate the 4th Year HWS Anniversary :slight_smile:


i smell a special kill @RexXxuS event :wink:


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