Ship got "stolen" by admin faciton

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Ship got stolen by admin faction
Player(s) with issue: rabidsmurfsown
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 1630 EST
Playfield: Cryo A2 starting zare
Structure Name(s): Small Vessel
Structure ID(s): Small vessel
How can we help you now: i would like it or the resources back if possible. I believe I may have misunderstood how the ship limitations work an explanation would be nice or ill try to read up on it better.

Hey rabid,

did you read the new way how to get them back?

so i read it but have some issues.

Not 100% sure what the structure id was also i don’t have 3 rp to get it back, nor do I know how to get any on the starter planet.

Also the guide says it would give warnings but I did not receive any

Well that is the price of breaking the limits.

You got all warnings clear in chat.

I do an one time exception for now and restored it

thank you very much sorry i missed the warning i guess. Just to verify the faction can have 2 sv and i can have 2 private sv’s as well?

Yes. Also press M on your keyboard and check it at the bottom right description.

had another faction member reading this and realized that the warning says we have 12 faction SV’s. Too my knowledge we only had 3 at the time with the one i was working on taking us over the limit. Not sure if that is just an issue with coding or something that you might want too look into. Thanks again for being lenient

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