Ship in pieces

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My Kolfskot turned into pieces. Still flyable.Tried to relog but nothing. Pictures below.
Player(s) with issue: AndreMR
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 08/03 12:00
Playfield: Peacekeeper West
Structure Name(s): MaiKolf
Structure ID(s): 39915701
How can we help you now: I would like a solution to get my ship back to normal if possible.

Hello @AndreMR

do you know what triggered this? I see you did a CSW with it and were already in some orbits.
Normally a reload helps but sometimes the game decides to ruin your fun and hides under the umbrella of “Alpha”.

Maybe we can at least understand why with some infos?

Well, I’ve been CS to EU every day, but two days ago I forgot to undock my Kolfskot and cross with it docked to my September. After that I’ve noticed some pieces apart, relog and eveything was back to normal. Today I’ve noticed this just after loggin in and tried to relog but nothing happened. Since I could not get the ship out of the hangar I’ve warped with it again and it happened also in EU (Kolfskot in pieces). Back to NA I’ve used the command getshiphere and managed to get the Kolfskot out of the hangar. Docked to the september (still on NA CSW) and went back to Peacekeeper West. Now the september problem, I’ve tried to get the Kolfskot undocked and the panel was not accessible. Relog, and it was back to normal but this time my september was showing Red (other faction). The september was still showing at CSW to me (HWS connect structures) but I got to Peacekeeper West with it. That is what I remember so far.


Just remember that in the last few days, at every warp, I’ve started to receive that internal error message which you can choose to continue, mail & cont or mail & quit.Several times. Just hit continue and as soon I got to a pve playfield I quit and relog. Everything was fine after reloading.


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