Ship Lost After disconnected

Hi, I joined a new faction, before that I set my CV, 2 SV, a HV and a BA at ornate to private, change faction than set them back to new faction.

I fly to orbit with my CV all the SV and HV was docked to the ship than disconnected, when I reconnect I was falling down from the sky. When I try to respawn at my ship, I respawn 1 km above the ground and fall down again. I walked to the BA at ornate to pick the remaining SV to fly to the orbit. BA is still set for the new faction ( BA name Legion HQ ) but docked SVs and HV rolled back to my old ( disbanded faction ) and I really dont know where CV is ( CV name The Ark )

Got CV back some how , after 4-5 suicide, but small vessels are still at wrong faction :frowning:

I will look into nit later. But please: This is one example we urgently need for the devs. Please take the time to go to their page and enter a new ticket. See cb:log. Something like or so.
Please put the link to your ticket in here (if that is possible) that I can connect it to the devs.
We will on our side then send our logs to the devs.

Can you try to think of when exactly it happend. And best a screenshot of the ships from HWS Connect. Thx a lot.

It looks like you have everything. Do you still need help? Was it really lost?