Ship lost due Disconnect

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Was fleeing Golden Globe, and lost ship due Disconnect
Player(s) with issue: squallus.l
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 13.02 2018/ 02:45
Playfield: Golden Globe
Structure Name(s): Stampete
Structure ID(s): Ship is gone, so i dont know anymore
How can we help you now: Give back the ship to me , if possible with Inventory?

Some more infos:
Curiously there seems to be an spike in Disconnects at transition from Golden Globe to Black Hole in the last few Days. But only when fleeing from Enemy´s.


Please always check your HWS Connect Structure logs. There you also see the Structure and its ID.

You structure was destroyed by an enemy 2 minutes before you got disconnected. Sadly thats no reason to get it back.

Hey Jascha, hows that possible, when i got disconnected, from my point of view, i was flying , i got some minor damage, but i was flying perfectly fine. Then-Bamm!- Disconnect, well i knew what i would see when i reconnect, an do it was, i spawnt on my ship, ship wo. Core standing in the Air.

I don´t question your judgement, i merely ask how it is possible that for me it looked like everything is fine, and the logs show that ive been 2 minutes dead. BWT, it does take only 30 seconds to fly straight up into space.

Is there a way to send you my log files, maybe it will help you guys also finding some problems.