Ship missing, can't seem to find out what happened to it

What happened: Ship missing, can’t seem to find out what happened to it. Structure commander has limited information
Player(s) with issue: Detlev
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 0400 CST
Playfield: GG
Structure Name(s): “Ezze’s Revenge”, renamed "Meet George Jetson"
Structure ID(s): 11608731
How can we help you now: I’d just like to know what happened to it in a little more detail. Commander still has the old name for the ship and only shown it was touched days ago even though it was used less than 24 hours ago.

I added it back to the game. There was a smal trouble on GG that day, which caused your ship to be HWS faction. Then the “Tower” BA next door took it out. Sorry for that.

During server restart when everything was crashing and everything got jacked up your ship was outside, HWS took it and shot it up. I thought whoever replaced our ships had fixed it but I guess not. I am finding out today that my X7 was shot up as well. Please help @RexXxuS we need some new X7’s in exchange for our old ones… The other day when server went haywire we lost some vehicles and I thought all were returned but I guess not! Sorry Detlev thought we got it back for you!

Could you give us ID’s of those ships that were not restored? I thought I did all, but I guess not

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Yes it’s only 1 that needs to be restored, mine just needs to be replaced or fixed lol. I don’t know ID number but I’m sure Detlev does. I would have to wait to get the ID of mine for when I log in, going to sleep as of right now. It’s named 2Cold set on private… Only X7 on GG in our bunker that is private if that helps. Will get the ID’s for you as soon as I wake up. Goodnight :grin: Thanks again @Jascha

Ok i restored it.

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Thank you! You guys rock! :grin:

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