Ship never appeared when spawned from blueprints

I woke up this morning from my ship cooking all night. I went to spawn it in but it never appeared. I restarted the game but it was not there and it was no longer in the completed blueprints of my factory… The iron cost alone for this ship was 130k and the cook time was 25 hours… It does not show up on the registry. This ship took pretty much every resource I have to build.This was on the NA server I have my logs ready to send where needed. Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated…


in very rare edge cases this can happen. What helps:

  1. what blueprint was it? Selfmade / Workshop?
  2. How big was the bp (class size, triangles, etc.)?
  3. In which playfield you wanted to spawn it?
  4. At what time / how many players were online at that time?
  5. Did you changed your PC after sleep? Started it on your laptop and played the game later on your PC for example?



This was a self made ship that me and my brother made together, he just spawned in his a day or so ago. I tried to spawn it in Ori orbit on the NA server about an hour and a half ago. It is a class 4 ship with 13781 blocks, 351 devices, 7 lights, and 139,882 triangle count. I have only used my desktop to play empyrion, my laptop cant handle the game… None of my faction was online at the time but I cant say exactly how many people were on the server at the time. I really appreciate the help…

Not sure if I;m missing something but put all the material in the factory for a tier 2 base from the blueprints when I spawned it I here a ding but nothing appeared was on the trader starter world around 12:30 est

Same questions for you:

It was the pre made tier 2 base in blueprints the default one
Ba_prefab_tier 2
Class size 1
Size 13914
Block count 492
Device count 46
Light count 7
Triangle count 7858
At about 12:30 eastern standard time
It was the traders start planet
Don’t remember how many people
Sorry forgot to mention it was on the NA server

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