Ship not my faction anymore for some reason?

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What happened: Bought a Maruder Export Mk-1 from the garage two days ago, parked in Binomi system, travelled to and from the photoshoot yesterday - and now when I login it say the ship is not set to my faction, and it doesn’t show up in structure commander. Plus I die from cold in space before I can do much…
Player(s) with issue: TiS RuneZ
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 22:22
Playfield: Binoni
Structure Name(s): Think it was called “RO” - before that probably “Maruder Export Mk-1”
Structure ID(s): Don’t know
How can we help you now: Could you check why my ship changed faction? Possibly even set it back to mine? :slight_smile:

hm thats wired…
The Game says it was decored… but you still flew it.

Then of course another faction took it…

I set it back to you now

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