Ship Stuck In Atmo Barrier


I have an SV ship “I brake for boobs” stuck in the atmospheric barrier on Homeworld Campaign. I received an unrecoverable “internal service error” while breaking atmo. I respawned back at my CV. It still showed a signature, but when trying to retrieve it, there was no visual.

Can I please have it returned to peacekeeper 3, on, or near Rolexman CV Fly or Jollytime?

Thank you.


I warped it to 3000 0 0 in HWS Campaign. Since it will be wiped in 20 minutes you have to hurry though.
We can only warp ships within a playfield as long as they are active.

Only when they got deleted we can warp them everywhere.

ahh ok. well, I was long asleep. Time barrier makes it kinda tough. Id play the NA server, but my friends are on EU.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: