Ship stuck in Atmosphere player DC'd

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What happened: We were leaving planet player disconnected in atmoshpere sent her back to ground. I went down to pick her up and bring back to ship. Because the ship was too close to planet and moving she could not get out to get back in it. We tried repeatedly to use the get ship here command and it was working slowly when another player found us and killed the ship. ( They probably did not know this was a game bug in progress so no concerns on their attack) however still frustrating this is a game bug that made us loose the ship in the first place
Player(s) with issue: Huntress was driver of vessel ICE driver of other vessel
Server: NA
**Time (cb:time): server time unknown but was between 10pm and midnight MST
Playfield: Golden Globe / Black Hole
Structure Name(s): Legendary Huntresses
Structure ID(s): Not sure anymore
How can we help you now: If you can replace the garage ship raider would be appreciated or refund credits and I will re purchase.

Hello @ICE

I see you tried it at least

Losing stuff in PvP is always tricky. If it’s a game bug, client bug or server bug.
In this case I refunded the Bank Credits to you for now.

Appreciate it Thank You.

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