Ship teleported above POI

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: While mining, ship was teleported to surface without me where a POI ripped it apart. Not sure why it did this.
Player(s) with issue: TheState
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 30 January about 05:50
Playfield: Planet Gambit
Structure Name(s): Shepherd
Structure ID(s): 16747273
How can we help you now: Replace ship to original before glitch or reimburse the cost of the X7-B

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Hi, you recycled the ship?

I just did within the hour. It was missing harvester box, 3 drills, warp drive, and a few thrusters. Useless at that point.

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ok, so you’ve recycled the ship so I cant replace it and I cant restore it as it wasn’t destroyed. I cant see it and I cant a find POI under its logged positions. You know we cant keep an eye on components, so i cant verify what you’re telling me. Am struggling to help with this one mate, i cant just give you an X-7.

I can understand, though there is a POI right by a sathium deposit on that planet. I can go and show it to you if you’d like, it was destroyed (aggressively) by me after the fact.

The reason I destroyed it was because, as a large faction, we are very limited in the amount of ships we can have. If this was not an issue I probably would have left it. If it helps, you probably can see the alien core going into my OCD perhaps an hour later.

Though, you should also be able to see me use the cb:getship command two times to try and move the ship while I ran from the POI through the tunnel

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ok, i replaced the ship but im charging you for the materials in the recycle based on a third of the value of the ship. I can see you had a headache and i can see the ship warped where it shouldn’t, but because you’ve recycled it, we’re effectivley duping materials.

I promise you ive looked into this thoroughly for the last hour, and I want me life back :slight_smile:

if you don’t agree ill destroy ship. Fair?

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Sounds fair, sorry that you had to look so deeply into it! I appreciate it.


no bother, have fun mate :slight_smile: