Ship Warped into Asteroid, stuck and surrounded by Zirax guns

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What happened:
=> I warped from Binomi to Homeworld, and upon arriving I found myself stuck partially inside an asteroid, right next to the Zirax base. They proceeded to fire upon me, and without being able to move, my ship was destroyed. Please see this link for a screenshot of where it warped me:

Player(s) with issue:
=> Dr Daniel Jackson (again) :sweat_smile:

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 22:08 GMT

=> Homeworld

Structure Name(s):
=> Hercules

Structure ID(s):
=> 32008027

How can we help you now:
=> I’m hoping either what’s left of my ship could be moved and unstuck from the asteroid, or best case scenario is that my ship could be restored entirely due to this bug.

I knew full well that I’d be venturing into PvP/dangerous territory this time, I just didn’t expect to be stuck in an asteroid not able to move at the same time… D:

Thank you,

[EDIT] 23:44 GMT : Gareth has kindly freed my ship and warped it back to my home planet. Just taking it to get repaired now. not sure how much it’ll cost though.

[EDIT 2] 00:23 GMT : I have made it to the orbital repair pad outside Alliance HQ, but the pad doesn’t seem to be recognising my ship. I may be doing something wrong I don’t know I can’t find any info on repairing. But tbh, I’m thinking it may just be easier if you were to respawn my ship for me. I’ve gotten the cargo from it, that’s fine. But it wouldn’t have been damaged in the first place if I hadn’t have warped into an asteroid lol

Hey @Dr_Daniel_Jackson

sorry for your bad trip into PvP. I didn’t calculate the 1,5k meter random warp outputs, so with bad luck you end up being too close the Orbital Gold Spire POI, protecting the Gold Asteroids.

I will move them in the next season far away from the warp entrance.

I restored your CV near your position but it could be the backup did not catch your healthy ship before in time. We don’t run backups too often yet cause they are couple of Gigabytes big already.

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Hi Rex,
It wasn’t so much the warping in right next to the Orbirtal Gold Spire defenses, it was the being stuck on an asteroid unable to move at the same time lol, but thank you I appreciate it’s just one of those uncertainties when warping into a new sector. Tbh a similar thing actually happened in an episode of star trek iirc lol

Thank you, I’ll check it out now, luckily I managed to salvage what little cargo I had, so if it’s not too badly damaged I should just be able to rebuild it.


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