Ships and Bases Dissapearing withing seconds of Core destruction

I’m getting really tired to conquering a base or ship only to have all the loot I should have been able to collect just dissapear. This has happen to me 3 times in the last 2 days. I spend some time shooting out the guns and when I finally get to the core and pop it. 20 seconds or so later the whole thing just vanishes. It doesn’t collapse due to structural integrity or anything like that. Every single block that was a part of its is just gone. Is anyone else having a similar issue? Rex asked me to try and replicate the results so he can do a bug report to the devs. I don’t know how to do that other than… The last 3 cores I’ve taken out the ship / base vanishes within seconds. So I hope this isn’t happening to anyone else. But if it is lets collect some data here for the admins to see for the bug report.

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Not much to collect. You destroy core and 10s after that structure disapper. Can confirm this. And its for structures with more than 10 blocks. Also other thing happend to me, i destroyed all on CV bu tit was still factioned.
At least i was lucky to find solution for all these problems. I dont have this problems in other games :wink:

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Please let us know next time with more details about what / where / when so that we can gather evidence for the Devs.
Thanks a lot for reporting!

Always have cores on you it’s been like that for a while.