Ships deleted by server questions

Looking for clarification on the server rule of visiting every 15 days and what it means to visit the structure.
i beieve i had the timeing down and had visited my structures in pvp space by going to the ship and turning on and off the ships and some misc chores and leaving thinking that was enough to qualify as a visit to keep it active.

but since i lost two rather expensive ships i am wondering or at least trying to confirm what the server considers a visit to keep ships active.

Do you have to move the ships?
can i get a few specifics that the server accepts to keep a ship active for the 15 day windows.


Did you check your intruder log?. Maybe you lose those ships by pirates and not because the server.
Did you park them more than 30000km away?

nothing in intruder log to indicate attacked and the structure manager said delete = true, i was 75k out in space.

WipeTime: 360 # Time after which any player-built structures get removed when not visited (0 = disabled)

This means you have to be in the bounding box, on top of the structure standing best, to not trigger this.
Everything else is counting as not visited.