Ships Deleted

Hi hope you can help.

I had logged on last night to find that a few of my ships had been deleted. Is there any chance of getting them back?

I don’t think they had a lot of materials in them just fuel and few supplies so not really worried about that.

Have they actually gone? I have had ships show up as deleted in Connect but still in game.

Good question, because from time to time he will show htem as deleted, when he is proccessing them. So it might be a false alarm

Thanks for the responses, I have popped on the server to take a look and no joy, ships still gone!

Sorry could it be that you were not on for long. These structures are gone for a couple of days and not in the backups anymore. They might have beend wiped due to inactivity (visiting or touching them every 7 days) :frowning: cant do much

Oh that’s a pain, I got carried away with base building and didn’t really bother going onto the CV, that’ll teach me! Is there a way of just sending me the materials to build a replacement CV Starter Tier 2 ship?