Ships on NA Uranus just floating away

This is super Annoying, We have our ships parked around out base, and they all just start randomly floating away, one of them is stuck behind the green wall. It is making the game unenjoyable, we constantly have to chase after ships, we’ve lost a couple ships… cb:getshipdown isnt working… no admins around. frustrating as all hell.

And if another person tells me to turn them off… i am going to lose my head.

We have now lost multiple CV’s and supplies due to this bug. It is literally making the game impossible to play.

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The lifting off thing is a known bug, happens more frequently when something changes the shape of the ship. Best fix I have found is to power em back on and level out, then land again. As for stuff behind green wall, try placing a line of blocks from the ship to your side of wall, and placing another cockipit at end of line and get in. That should allow you to fly it again.

Another trick is not too build so close to the green wall. Weird things happen around the wall.

@mcprouty, your trick doesnt work, since they just float away on their own. Never happened until right after todays server reset/backup so I do not believe it is the same bug you are thinking of.

@Nopal, i am over 2KM away from the wall, the ship literally uprooted itself and sped of towards that wall by itself.

Also, It is EVERY one of my Factions ships, SVs and CVs alike.

The trick about placing a line of blocks from a ship that is upended on the other side of a green wall from you, and usign a cockpit? because that always works. And I believe I understand what you are saying, just not why you are resisting the help of others. Server backups can cause things to float at those points as well, but it is a little more rare. End result is the same though. A ship that should weight many tons gracefully floats unpowered through the air and away from you / in a random direction. If you have more then 300 hours in the game, it is a good bet you have run into it before.

why don’t you just turn them off?

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LBP lives in space so we don’t have this problem.

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Dunno if this is related to it but it sounds to so again:

If you ignore the warnings before a server restart to NOT fly, fight, build etc. then these things and worse can happen.
We warned you.

If anyone can provide a Video ot this case, pm us please. Devs look into it right now