Shooting players underwater from the surface

While I was on the POI Polaris on Waterworld, which is 78m below the surface, I suddenly died for no apparent reason. While I was waiting to respawn I switched on video recording. After a number of deaths I found that I was being shot from the surface. I was under the impression that you could not shoot through water so was upset that someone was using an exploit of a minigun turret being able to shoot at me through the water. Above me were an HV and a CV so either of them would have been shooting at me and killing me. This is clearly an exploit as Eleon say that guns cannot shoot through water. In this case I lost a lot of the contents of my backpack, and I am really annoyed that I lost it, because I should have been safe from guns, being 78m underwater. I have posted a part of the video I took, which clearly shows bullets hitting the blocks around me and the ricochets can be plainly heard. The faction(s) that are using this exploit need to be punished and the developers notified. Video of shooting from the surface exploit -

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thats not an exploit at all. miniguns have been able to shoot through water as long as ive played. i think cannons do as well. Some projectiles wont travel through water though.

omg @colin2cold why do you keep removing your posts starting to wonder if you found a new way to troll posts “by removing posts” lol

So just to clarify the HWS rules then, sitting a CV (or HV) on the surface of waterworld so that the mini gun turrets point underneath to shoot divers (Players) is OK?

I too was aware that this could be done in the game client, but have been under the belief (perhaps mistakenly :slight_smile: ) that this was not permitted in HWS.

RexXxus - would you mind confirming if this is OK or not?

If OK then I need to rethink my strategy on Waterworld, as diving for treasure is going to be a lot more dangerous that I had thought! panic-diver

Oh dear… well on Waterworld no CV and no Bases can be done easily but it’s not an overall solution or answer I guess.
No, we can’t grab everyone by their hands and hug every game aspect…
So be it for now. Nothing we can do to prevent this.
Getting quite tired recently because of all of this.

I just hope we get soon some submarines.

If this is now the case I will feel free to do the same to others and not get punished for it. I lost quite a lot yesterday as a result of an exploit I was unaware of, and I shall feel justified in recouping it in a similar manner.

Ive found there are two types of people, based on how the act when confronted with a bug/exploit/unexpected situation.
Type 1: "Well thats wierd, lets look into that. Maybe we can find a way to fix it so that it doesnt happen again."
Type Troll: “I had a bad experience, so that means I can use this exact mechanic to my benefit in the future, to make way more people miserable as well!.” This is the type that gets beaten as a child and grows up to beat children. Whereas Type 1 take the situation and grow up to be counselors to overwhelmed people, or social workers.

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I personally don’t agree with that analogy. But everyone has an opinion!

In this specific example, RexXxus has said it is not specifically against the rules, which is fine and players know where they stand and can act accordingly as they choose to.

I can also understand why RexXxus is “tired” by all the recent issues with underwater/underground base turrets, terrain clipping as it is equally frustrating for all players. I think we are in a situation of “just getting on with it” and have to recognise that the admin team do not have the time to act as policemen, on how players are choosing to use the game mechanics.

Not saying they should, or that that would be the right way about it. Or even anything about the admins. Rather, commenting on this

I have seen posts like these by the dozens, and to me they indicate a fundamentally different way of dealing with unfortunate situations.

I find your comments incredibly insulting. I would like to point out that I am not the bad guy in this situation. The pirates that are using this tactic (and they came en masse specifically to kill my faction mate and I) are the ones who are unfairly using it. I was trying to get a situation made public and rectified. I seem to have had this situation turned around to make me into the one who is in the wrong. Effectively what is being said is that some people are allowed to play in an unfair manner, but the victims of this type of play become social misfits if they even consider doing the same. As of yet, I have not used this exploit and if truth be told I am unlikely to use it, but likening me to a child beater has unnecessarily crossed a line that should not be brought into a situation like this in a game.

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Note that I never mentioned you, or said that you beat children. This is an abstract observation on how people react to unfair situations in video game in particular. Do not take my words out of context as insults, both are valid and dichotomous views of the world. I (and you, for that matter) just have seen so many people see something bad happen to them, and if they dont get the response they want from the admins, namely that the person is punished for something not explicitly against the rules, or that a rule is made on the spot, they swear to perform that same act on anyone they can find, “because it must be ok”. Instead of listening to the multiple posts, in your case, of rexxxus saying the devs have FOUND the reason for alot of the cases where turrets fire through terrain, and to wait for that before demanding rule changes, bans, and the like.

Short version: calm down. Was not meant as an insult, just as a real world analogy to a reaction people are familiar with.

Damn I got no popcorn.

Come on you to chill its only a game

All I have to say at this point is that the grief I have received for raising this issue is not worth it. I have read RexXxus’ posts about the devs working on the issue, but I was under the impression that using a bug for personal gain was an exploit. I quote from the rules -

DEFINITION: A Bug or Exploit, for the purposes of HWS Law, is defined as “Any mechanic, whether executed in or out of game, which creates a condition that was not an intended functionality of the game OR HWS Server features.”

USE OF EXPLOITS: Under no circumstances will the use of any bugs or exploits for personal gain or profit, or any advantage be tolerated for any reason.
If you are caught using an exploit, there is no justification and you will be dealt with accordingly.
If you have evidence of someone using an exploit, you may be rewarded.

I have provided evidence of a known bug being exploited and all I have got is grief and negative comments. As a result I am withdrawing from this post and I expect those giving me the negative comments to respect this and not post any more over this issue.

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