Shot through mountain

I thought the issue of turrets shooting threw mountains was fixed. I was on ice world and was behind a mountain range and was shot down by the hunter faction base on the other side. I tried to recover my sv and every time I got near the turrets shot threw the mountain again a blew me up. please advise it this is normal.

Not on the other side of the mountain. In clear view of a CV with rocket turrets all over it. No reason you had to be that close unless you were trying to raid. All 14 boxes of ammo on that CV are also quite empty. You didn’t just show up for a fly-by. The 3 turrets we had hidden on the top of the mountain took you out too. You tried to do a raid and failed.

Phil doesn’t typically raid, but i understand why you would be quick to judge. Let me remind you that when entering a playfield from orbit, especially when one’s computer has to load up your turrets, you can get shot down rather quickly.

If we were to raid, you wouldn’t have a base left, thought we made that point across to the entire NA server several times already. Mind you, I’m not trying to puff up, just a friendly reminder to be careful about your accusations.

I do appreciate the time you took to investigate, and point out that your turrets were on the mark, perhaps Phil had some lag?

First of all, I want to make sure everyone knows. I’m not trying to start some flame war. I simply want to express my side of what I see is going on. Shad, comments like “If we were to raid, you wouldn’t have a base left, thought we made that point across to the entire NA server several times already”, IS puffing up. But thats ok, everyone on the server does it, and we aren’t very concerned with it. The issue at hand is that it appears to be another attempt at an offline raid because of the OP being broke. We all know that in 3.0 the OP will not be arround, we have warning. That’s fine, BUT, if we are going to return to a point where bases are no longer protected when offline, we will have to return to building bases designed to survive an offline raid and the server rules are going to have to reflect that in either letting people build accordingly or making offline raids a banned practice. If not, you will run into the drama we just got over…groups doing nothing but offline raiding and forcing everyone to live on pve planets and clogging them up. Have you tried to fly on Z lately, the lag is stoooopid. So, like I said, no flame war starting, just my two cents worth. Will see you guys in game and hope to have many pvp encounters in the future!

Just for the record. I was going to PM this to Manbeast because like him I am tired of all the drama. Especially the constant arguing on global chat. I didn’t realize this post was going to cause problems.
I was combing the planet for crystal. I admit that I should have not been so close to his base and that I should have stayed further away. I admit that my deaths were my fault. I thought that I landed on the other side of the ridge from his stuff. I obviously was wrong. I was shot killed and so be it. I spawned a couple of times to see if I could try to get some of my stuff back. No luck. Killed a couple of more time. When I spawned back in I don’t know where I was because I was killed instantly so I could not tell.
The truth is that I have never raided a base. Any ones base. On line or off. The only base I have attacked was with my faction when JRK took over another factions base (can’t remember which one). We went in and took it back. That is the extent of my attacks on bases. I didn’t appreciate being accused of that but I have a spawned in to a smoking hole in the ground where my base use to be so I can understand being upset about the thought of someone trying to raid your base. I certainly would not have wasted the Admins time with my post if I didn’t think that I had actually shot through the mountain. I think the Admins know that. I also would not have asked Manbeast if I could get my ship back on global. I never fired a shot at the base and I am sure there was no damage to it because it was never attacked. I am not the best player but I am pretty sure that there would have been at least a little bit of damage if I had attacked the base.
I offer my apology to Manebeast for getting to close to his base. I hope this is the end of it because there is already to much he said she said BS going on in Global now days and the server in General.
I am not that kind of player. I don’t even know why it bothers me to have people think that I am but it does. I try to follow the story and the rules. I like the server and want it to be a fun one not full of drama.

As I said once… it must be the nature of NA to be a magnet for such kind of drama. EU is completely different. Sigh.

Anyways: yes, the game is buggy and we thought the OP were fixed… and the mountains… and the turrets… and… sigh
Let’s hope for better days!

Regarding no OP on 3.0 and adjusting the rules / doing something against offline raids.
To be honest: no. Look at the new universe. Look at our features. We will make announcements, yes. But IF you love the risk to build on PvP and go sleeping then you love it to loose this stuff.
Cause again:

  1. build underground to prevent 10k HV artillery attacks
  2. build turrets underground BUT NOT under the terrain and you are save from moles
  3. use OCD
  4. just build always on PvE 1 backup base/ship
  5. fly far away in space to be almost always save

Griefing like killing one over and over again, etc. is another topic. But offline raids won’t be tackled like the very beginning where we had to spend HOURS of crawling logs (so we placed it to HWS Connect so you can see yourself and take revenge!) and warning people, banning people, etc. the day has only 24 hours and we were by 27 so to speak…

You guys are very active so my request to you!:
Inform new players what it means to build on PvP! 3.0 has really both and can be fun for everyone. You just have to be smart in 3.0 and think very well before placing your first starter block.

P.S.: a small idea is rising in my head about another PvP feature to help you guys… but it needs more time to growth. We don’t want to turn a Survival Game in a single player game with kind of “Save” and “Load” buttons but like every survival alpha game at the moment it is not fun for both parties (attacker / victim).

Oh hey… actually… is there ANY survival game which has a good solution about it? Isn’t it broken everywhere…?

can someone elaborate on this? this appears to be the missing piece from my pvp understanding.
is it saying: you can drill a hole and build turrets inside said hole/cave/cavern but not place turrets in ground that is “filled” or hasnt been drilled>?

I try to make it bit more clear and as a reference for later

[size=150]NOT GOOD[/size]





Basically the turrets need always its bounding box free from dirt. If the gun of it moving and going under dirt it is not good again.

Awesome!!! thank you!!!

Rex the only thing that I think may help is allow one base for each faction that is considered a “home” base and invulnerable. I have seen this in other games, Starmade in particular. That one base and anything attached or docked to it could not destroyed. I don’t know if that would solve the problem or just kill the PVP aspect. If that was done we would probably need some sort of “radar” or detection to be able to find people in space as opposed to never being able to find anyone. That may be something that the Devs have to do. Just a thought.

Ehm, PvE planets and our rule only 1 per player / faction?

Hey Phi, Shad,
My honest appology if you thought I was trying to bring any drama into this…I really did not want that to happen…NOT my intention at all. I think you are both stand up guys and I really enjoy being on the server with you. I only addressed the “raid” aspect because that was the word used. Honestly its all good and NEVER wanted to be mistaken for a drama queen…I simply dont have the shoes for it. :smiley: You guys are great and I look forward to seeing you in game!

My point in puffing up was to point out that raids by STH are never such a flop as manbeast suggested, and no offense was taken in your response. Like Phil stated, he doesn’t raid.

Fed/jrk has everyone that has land bases on edge, so i fully understand the knee jerk reaction, but also as a leader of an aggressive faction, i can’t sit idly at an accusation, i honestly did try to keep my reaction as toned down as possible, lol.

@rex, ty for the turret rule clear up, i was wondering about that as well. As for feedback to a solution for balanced pvp, I’ll get back to you on that :slight_smile:

yet another turret clarification.

rather that explaining that water acts as terrain and causes the same mechanic as burring your turrets i though it would be easier to ask for confirmation on here. as it allows a turret to fire un-impeded and invincible from exterior attack I would expect placing turrets under water to be a violation of rule number 1. can we get a judgement please?


Hm for now we allowed turrets under water because you can at least dive in with your SV and kill the turrets from within water. Turrets under terrain can’t be reached by a SV.
To sum it up: water is one of the best defense technique since OP is turned off.

Thanks for clearing it up!!