Shotgun Aliens

I don’t really know what to do about them. It seems that these alien guys can one shot you (no matter what armor you are waring) and they tend to spawn often at alien POIS. I found a few ways to workaround most of the defences but i do not stand a chance against these guys.

I mean other than constantly picking up my own backpack till i destroyed all the spawners.

Is that an issue to be changed anytime? I mean, are there any information if they stay so unfairly strong (they even seem to have raaange that is far away from what a shotgun should have)

Then again: sometimes the aliens at pois don’t shoot at all and i can just ran around them and pick all things up… but the shotgunners still creep me out.

Yes, i know this is in alpha. I think i am happy if i hear that they will be fixed someday.

Try come around corners and then back again, they have a very slow reaction time allowing you to first spot them then prepare to get rid of them on the 2nd peek around the corner’s.

well… my reaction time seems to be slower :smiley:
but nah… one shot aliens still suck. i need more than one shot to get them down and they respawn fast. but thats still the best suggestion for now.

Area of effect weapons. Get yourself a plasma cannon and explosives, start blasting them around corners, before they can get a bead on you.

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started to do that. it works but you have to shoot several time to kill one or two while they respawn rapidly. something like a grenade would be great. maybe someday

Bring loads of ammo :slight_smile:
Also, explosives take a long time, but can one shot many of the aliens.

I thought this was going to be fixed. These shotguns are like 1 shot sniper rifles. Swear they 1-shot me from 400m away. Not to mention shooting through terrain/structures. I just avoid them or gun them with SV/HV.

exactly. they are meany meanheads. i hope they get fixed sometime


I have not had the pleasure to meet this on this server yet, but my brother and I raided a vehicle port once and died many, many times to these guys… Very frustrating… T2 sniper to the head is a good way to take them out. I feel like going at them with a assault rifle or shotgun is just a losing battle.