SI bugging, need help

"Body is too similar to what you recently posted"… But that one was a mispost… This forum-spam protection is stopping me… So I had to add this line to be allowed to post this.
^ Even placing blocks directly on the planet bugs out and get’s destroyed
^ How can a block directly above a greenlit block be dark red? Yes this is in creative but after spawning it in the server I have more or less the same problems. Blocks that are directly connected to the planet are red and some floating blocks are perfectly green…

Same SI bugs as in 2.0. EVERY SINGLE large BA has stuff like this…

Also I need help with my newly placed base called “Tiny’s House” ID: 3443005. The SI is red on odd places and I’m too afraid to even add/remove 1 block because the whole thing could come down… How do I fix that (it’s bugged)?

Nevermind I used bugs to fix bugs. All good now.