Silly question

Guide says that in order to get RP I must warped in that last hour with an epic assault rifle in my inventory. But then it says that I MUST have been online in that last hour for it to count.

So here is my silly question:
“How can I possibly warp with an epic assault rifle in my inventory without being online?”

You can log in warp log off, and this 1 hour rule is stopping this exact action so you have to log in at 10am warp at 11am, be online at 11am warp at 12am and so on

Event Player warp
IF (Epic weapon of right faction = True) and (time of warp - time of last login > 1hour)
Then Rp = Rp +1

type of thing

  • If you were online in that last hour

So no it doesn’t. I only need have been online for a few seconds I believe (maybe even shorter). The guide says I must have been online during that hour, not for the entirety of that hour and not when it “ticks”. This is also how it worked in 4.0. So I don’t see how I can warp while being offline.

Besides if what you said would be true, we get punished for logging out for like 5 minutes to visit the toilet or whatever. Would be horrible and would cause AFK-ers. Or if you DC… Bye rep-point. No that is unlikely to be the case.


No. As it says: You had to warp in that hour.
When the function triggers, it does not matter if you are online or not. You just had to warp once in the 60 minutes before the function triggers.

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