Similar account name banned

Dear Admins,

This serves as an FYI message in case you were wondering who this “SkyHighiatrist” guy is that’s cruising around the verse while some guy named “Highiatrist” is on the ban list.

About a week ago I was playing the game under a different account “Highiatrist”. Now as I always
do with new games, I download a trainer from XYZ CENSORED website :0. I had some fun in single player
but stupidly forgot to kill the background process before going online. Of course I got banned within a minute of playtime.

Now I’m not asking to be unbanned. I’d rather not have you do that as I’m certain the account will be EAC banned soon enough. I’m more than content with my secundary steam account.

Thank you for reading.

Hey @SkyHighiatrist,

thanks for contacting us. Well indeed that was scarry what you did :stuck_out_tongue:
It would be very helpful to provide instructions how you did it via PM. Cause EAC did not trigger I guess, only our tool.

Thanks again.

I’ll PM you the details, also EAC doesn’t ban instantly but just flags steamID’s for termination and rolls them out on their next banwave. But after I saw what happened. I’m certain I’m flagged.