Small Base removed from Gardian started planet, why?

HWS indicated that my base was deleted. It was on the guardian started planet, was about 6 blocks large. The name of the base: MDMchan. I build it after the server wiped the planet.

Not sure why it was deleted, it was sitting right next to my small SV.

6 blocks = automatically deleted (game feature). You need at least 17 blocks I believe. Though the admins said it was less (12 or so?). Personally I swear by 17 blocks minimum on all structures to keep them from being deleted.

If you lost too much, type cb:reset and start over again from scratch.

Ok, thanks - I’ll play somewhere else then. I had to log off for a few hours, life got in the way and then the base was gone.

Wherever you go next remember to read the server information in the bottom right of your screen when you select the server in the multiplayer window in game.

It will tell you exactly whether or not bases of that size are wiped automatically.

Just like this server does.

Hey MDMchan,

as already mentioned the decay time triggers after 7 hours on HWS.

You saw it before you joined the server in the list.

Your base was 4 blocks too small.

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Yes, no issue - I just have a family and can’t be on the server at all times like a lot of other players. You have a great server and I like most of the players. It’s on me this time, just don’t have the time for the dedication. It’s ok :slight_smile:

Wait a minute. I was just at the base, using the large constructor just a couple hours before it was removed. I went out to lunch and came back within two hours. It’s ok, it doesn’t matter - I’m good with it all. Good luck, running a server is hard work.