So much Disconects last Time

Does anyone have the same Problem with very much Disconects the last time?
At the moment its unplayable…

yea me and 2 of my faction mates suffered that last night when trying to interact with our base and constructors inside when we left the base it was all good.

Hmm now when I think about it… guess it could be the same reason as the official Nitrado server had.
Million of SSH RDP brute force attacks.
We used for 30 days a test software blocking it. I think it was better at that time. No the test period of the software is over and more and more complains are coming…

I will buy the licence and see if it gets better.

Rexxus are you passing traffic through the akamai network? they are the best out there at filtering out brute force attacks in general

For web cloudflare but gaming nothing… dunno how to integrate another layer around server <> clients… would need some time to dig into it if it’s worth at all

I have a few certifications from them, they do some great work for some of Steam’s network. Obviously their biggest strength is in caching the data locally, mostly beneficial for webpages. But to my knowledge they are the only ones out there who can legitimately protect against even DDOS attacks.

Akamai and Cloudflare are the biggest yes, however mainly for web / static content.

For server gaming it has to be a kind of proxy / firewall around ALL incoming / outcoming traffic. Not sure if I want to risk this bottleneck but dunno… as I said I need more information about it

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Indeed. Those are CDN’s that excel in delivering static or streaming content. And this is IP based so we couldn’t even use a dns server like ultraDNS to help. Probably best thing in this case would be something like a proxy or a load balancer, if not employing any IDS/IPS.

Rex - would you be willing to talk about what your software is offline (or online…) I think I told you once but I happen to work at the worlds largest security software company. :slight_smile: I may be able to help you here.

Do you have FW logs that indicate you’re getting multiple hits from the same source? When you say brute force, are they attempting logins? Or is it more DOS style where your simply getting a ton of requests? Most amateur hackers don’t have resources to distribute it, so you can often just block the IPs in question.


If only we could just remove the source instead of having to block it xD damn human beings…

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I hear you. Fortunately and unfortunately, it keep me in business and business is really good in the security space. Lol

Most of these are nuisance and not real hacking attempts. Brute force is a 10 year old method that rarely wins in intrusion but excels and being a pain in he ass.


Just to add to this and hopefully enable you to narrow down the possible root causes, I didn’t have any disconnects at all during my first 3 weeks, but once I started using OCD excessively and also switching between constructors and boxes a lot now I have it frequently. When I farm my AM and put stuff into the drone, I even stopped using the drone while flying, because I had so many disco’s.

Hope this information helps…


I am not sure if this is a correlation or a cause, but it seems that I have more frequent disconnects when there is a lot going down on the playfield. FPS drops to unplayable 10-12 FPS on desert. If I than try to access P menu, or do inventory stuff like ammo loading the disconnects seem to happen more frequent. On our other bases this rarely happens. Perhaps sometimes occasionally when changing a lot of LCD’s texts and or moving boxes/stuff around, but it just seem to be more frequent during the battles / with lot of stuff around.