Solar Panel not working

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What happened: Seems maybe after restart Solar Panel dont work.
Player(s) with issue: Dawg
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: A2
Structure Name(s): PVE Starter 2
Structure ID(s): 429229
How can we help you now: I am not overly concerned but because you are using a custom Config I wanted to report this to you. I have noticed twice now that solar panel stop working after perhaps restart. This morning I redid them thinking I did something wrong. Came back this afternoon and they are no longer working. I have a capacitor and they are directly connected to the base.
Happy to help if there is anything else I can do for you guys though I will not be around until late Tues morning CST

It’s a bug in the game, not our files.

Same exact thing happens in SP with everything default. Current fix is to pick up the panels or capacitor and replace them.

A fix is coming in the next patch afaik. Nothing to do with our Config

Ok I could not be sure as I have never looked at them. Some things I like to be surprise. Glad to hear it is game and not server…that sound wrong? LOL.

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