Solar Panels output power dropped since 7.6

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What happened:

hi all ! My solar panels array (20 panels) output dropped from 898kW to only 80kW since 7.6 update. I’ve searched on official information about this but havent found nothing about SP nerf on this update. Also havent found any similar issue recently reported. The base is in space and SP are almost perfectly aligned with the sun. Placed like this, they should provide a continuous max output. I also tried to remove and replace a single panel and it dropped to 76, replacing it without problem and regained the 4kW output. But no more.

Player(s) with issue: Sudotai

Server: EU

Time (cb:time): Since 7.6

Playfield: Lawless Home

Structure Name(s): Auto Solar Dock Beta0.01

Structure ID(s): 18742150

How can we help you now: I’d like to know if you are aware of such issue and if you have a fix for it. Also, if others have similar issue on HWS. Or perhaps its HWS specific configuration and I missed something ?

Thanks in advance for your enlightments :slight_smile:

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Hey, sorry for the delay / to hear. We didn’t change anything specifically afaik. about it
Will check again.

I found the answer !

I popped my base blueprint in creative mode to see if it behave the same way. I then realized the distance from the nearest sun is now taken in account. When I spawned it in Omicron space (thats near the sun on official campaign) I managed to get an output of 2.18 MW !!! So its not a bug at all… Just an (undocumented?) feature added in last patch. So, If you want an autonomous solar base (like the one I’m building) just do it near the sun !

You can close the ticket now :slight_smile:

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