[Solved] Docking pads gone stale in ocd

I stored some docking pads in my OCD (EU server, slot 15) a few weeks ago, but due to update they are no longer functional (can’t add them to any blueprint).
Can I please have them updated? Or are they basically lost?

There are different now.

Docking Pads for SV, CV or HV?
First answer: lost.
Second answer: I look asap

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The old version works for HV/SV, new docking pads are for HV only, afaik. SV and CV have only landing gear.

What I mean is: do you want to change your current one into HVs or SVs or CVs?

Let it be HV for the sake of naming consistency, but doesn’t matter much, I think. Thank you.

try again now

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