[SOLVED] My SV ship disappeared!

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: my ship disappeared and my character fell from the sky and broke his leg. Ouch!!!
Player(s) with issue: elgranfoca
Server: Europe
Time (cb:time):
Playfield: Freelance HQ
Structure Name(s): HWS8NP001
Structure ID(s): 821355
How can we help you now: please, I need my ship as close as possible, I am with a broken leg and I have not yet made a base to medicate myself.
Sorry for my bad english :wink:

If you are injured or have a broken leg use our new EGS PDA feature to heal yourself!

what is the exact problem? how can I help?

ok ReXxXuS, this is what happened.
I was on Freelancer HQ and parked the ship near a Village, I went to eat (in real life XD) and when I reconnected, the ship was gone and my character fell from the sky. So I do not know where my ship was, since I did not see it either in the sky or in the whole discovered map. disappeared … pufff … smoke was made HAHAHAHA :rofl:
Luckily I fell on my feet, if I had fallen on my head now I would be an ostrich HAHAHAHA :joy:
I’ll see if later I solve it in some way, otherwise I’ll write again :wink:

don’t see a problem. Just go to your ship again I guess

Ready, now I see my ship, I think the problem was the server lag at that time. Thanks ReXxXuS.

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